Brief Descriptions
Raff's Organ Music

Listen to an extract Introduction & Fugue in E minor WoO.25 2:15
In Raff's extensive output there is only this one brief piece for organ, written in Wiesbaden in the Autumn of 1866, at a time when his fame was growing rapidly. There is no record of why it was written, but maybe the circumstances of its publication provide a clue. The Introduction & Fugue was one of more than a score of short organ works by various composers which were brought together in May 1867 by one of Raff's regular publishers as an "Album for organists". Perhaps this uncharacteristic piece was a commissioned work? It proved suffiently popular to be published in a stand alone edition in 1877, but that did not encourage its composer to write for the instrument again. The first two minutes of the seven minute work is taken up with a portentous and solemn grave passage, after which Raff launches into the energetic fugal Allegro which makes up the bulk of the piece.

The extract is from the near the start to the beginning of the fugue.

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