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Joachim Raff - Portrait of a Life

by Helene Raff
Joachim Raff _ Portrait of a Life

Translated into English by Alan Howe.
Paperback (21 x 14.8 cm). 292 pages.
ISBN 978-1-4710-6025-0

This biography of Joachim Raff by his daughter, a well-known author, was originally published in Germany in 1925 and is available in English for the first time in an authoritative and extremely readable translation by Alan Howe. Helene Raff's distinctively brisk voice, unsentimental in her judgements of her father, chronicles Raff's professional and family life and his relationships with his great contemporaries such as Liszt, Wagner and Brahms. She also describes the circumstances of the creation of most of his major compositions. This lively account is supplemented by extensive illustrations, most of which are new to this edition, together with painstakingly researched footnotes which amplify all aspects of the book and particularly Raff's compositions. Two further additions are a full list of Raff's compositions and, unlike the original, a comprehensive index. This book is the definitive source for Raff's fascinating life and career and is a must buy for anyone interested in Raff.

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Joachim Raff - Portrait of a Life
by Helene Raff (translated by Alan Howe)

Leaves from Life's Tree
by Helene Raff (translated by Alan Howe)

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