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Work for Organ

Introduktion und Fuge [Introduction & Fugue] WoO.25 (1866). Listen to the complete work
Published: 1867, Rieter-Biedermann.

× Introduktion und Fuge WoO.25
Digital realisation.
Work for Trombone
Repos de l’Etude score
Score of Repos de l’Etude WoO.20D

Kleine Phantasie über den Propheten [Little Fantasy on Le Prophète] WoO.12C (1849-50).
Unpublished. LOST. The work may have been for trombone and piano.

Work for Violin or Flute

Repos de l’Etude [Breaks from Study] WoO.20D (1856-57).
Published: 1857-58, Schott, as the work of the recently-deceased Joseph Küffner, continuing an already-established series. Vols. 16 & 17 may be LOST.


Kanon in Unterquarte und Obersepte [Canon in Lower Fourths and Upper Sevenths] WoO.17B (1855).
Unpublished sketch in five un-named staves.


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